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How Does Cloud-Based POS Work?

Cloud-based POS systems, or point of sale systems, can provide a number of benefits over traditional POS systems. One significant advantage is that there is a reduction in costs, which can be incredibly appealing to small business owners.

Over the last few years, POS software has evolved at an incredible rate, and you may have noticed that those old looking cash registers are now a thing of the past. Today, businesses are looking towards having better systems which can work on smartphones and tablets, rather than a complex system that costs a lot of money.

However, it isn’t just retail stores which are interested in this latest trend of POS as many ecommerce stores who sell their products at trade shows, farmers markets and other events also need an easy way to take money as well.

What is Cloud-based POS?

Not only is it the latest trend in point of sale software, but it is a software which can be accessed from the Internet. It is compatible with other POS hardware like printers and cash registers. This makes it extremely convenient and costs considerably less as vendors can access their customer information from anywhere which has a Wi-Fi connection.

The Benefits

One of the major benefits of cloud-based POS is the fact it can be accessed from the Web by using an Internet browser. In the past, many small businesses have struggled with unrecorded sales and inaccurate inventories. However, this POS system can help fix this. Unfortunately, traditional cash registers rely heavily on human input, and during a busy time, there are bound to be mistakes. A cloud-based POS system can actually remove the guesswork and allow a business to achieve a level of accuracy.

As POS systems can be controlled on your mobile device and through the Cloud, owners or managers don’t have to be present in the store to know what’s happening.

Additionally, some of the key benefits of a cloud-based point of sale system are having control of information, less expensive startup costs, and the ability to access key data from virtually anywhere there is an Internet connection.

The Retail Industry and Cloud-based Point of Sale Software

The retail industry is one of the biggest users of a point of sale software. The retail POS system usually involves a cash register which until just recently included a computer, monitor, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and customer display in addition to most of the POS systems which include a credit and debit card reader. Additionally, the POS system software can also handle a number of customer-oriented functions, which includes sales, exchanges, returns, discounts, promotions, gift registries, gift cards, customer loyalty programmes, and much more.