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What are the Benefits of EPoS Technology – 3R Telecom Info-graphic.

3R EPoS Technology has had a great start to the year so far. Our expert team of IT professionals continually update CES Software to suit you, our customers, requirements.

3R EPoS Till Systems coupled with our robust, easy to use handheld hardware, give you uniquely tailored solutions that meet your needs. In addition to this, with complimentary installation and training provided, you can just plug in the till and use it immediately with over 40,000 products pre-installed.

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EPoS Technology

EPOS Technology – CES Software

The development of 3R Telecom EPoS and all of its features are the results of continual feedback from our customers. As the founders come from a retailing background with over 60 years of combined experience; this gives us the advantage over our competitors. Our EPOS Solutions bring your business the edge you need in the industry.