EPoS Software Installation – Retail I.T investments rising once again

EPoS Software Installation – Retail I.T investments rising once again

The average I.T investment on Retail systems, including EPoS Software Installation and Hardware, among the United Kingdom’s 150 leading retailers has at long last risen after years of gradual spending decline.

This is according to Martec International’s 2016-17 report which sampled 63 percent of the UK’s market. The  average investment on retail systems among the leading 150 retailers increased to 1.0% of total sales; which equals the 2011-12 level. In 2004 the recorded I.T investment, for the top 150, was at 1.4% of sales; a peak which has steadily reduced ever since.

Image of EPoS Software Installation I.T investment in reporting software and hardware

The 2016-17 report revealed that 42% of retailers are now investing in I.T projects for non-I.T departments; which is up by 9% from last year. The key departments being E-commerce and Marketing (22% of all retailers have e-commerce departments that invest in non-I.T controlled projects and 17% for marketing).  Human Resources is at third place, but this is also growing at a major rate too.

Considerable I.T investment planned for the future.

The investment priorities of a sample group identified that for the previous four years investment priority has predominantly been e-commerce and multi-channel systems. The majority of the sample group stated that e-commerce would again be at the top of their list.

Implementing consumer-focused mobile solutions provides greater opportunity for return. Investment priorities in Enterprise Resource Planning have also had a much higher status than previous years. Considerable I.T investment is being planned for the future.

Replacement plans are also high this year, most noticeably of store EPoS Software Installation and Hardware systems. With 29% of retailers planning to replace them. While cloud-based computing is now a market standard for 80% of retailers, up from 51% last year.

Martec International’s director Fran Riseley stated in the report that consumer pressure for a connected shopping experience across channels is boosting retail I.T investment at the moment. Retailers are buying Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Then replacing merchandising and e-commerce systems. Control of the total I.T system is being redirected from the Chief Information Officer. As cloud-based applications become universal and the technology being easily installed into other departments of a business.