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EPoS Software Maintenance – 4 Expert Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Your System

Many businesses are heavily dependent upon the performance of their EPoS software system, which makes it paramount for them to take all possible steps to ensure that it is always operating in good condition. When systems fail due to misuse or malfunction it often results in frustrated customers leaving without a purchase, employee productivity plummeting, and your reputation taking a serious hit.

While it’s obviously not possible to eliminate all chance of a system failing, there are several practices you can incorporate into your business that will likely increase the lifespan of your EPoS system.

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Ventilation Concerns

EPoS systems, like almost all pieces of technological hardware, contain hundreds of sensitive parts that are necessary to keep the device operating optimally. The presence of excessive heat that builds up in the unit as the processors operate can wreak havoc on these essential components. One of the best ways to protect the system from heat damage is by placing it in an area with proper ventilation. While most systems do contain internal cooling fans, these fans often aren’t enough on their own to adequately cool the unit to a safe temperature. It’s best to avoid placing the system against a wall or other obstruction that would block the flow of ventilation through the unit.

Cleaning and Inspection

Dirt and dust naturally exist in technological hardware. As the cooling mechanism provides ventilation within the unit, dust will settle in every open area and threaten to clog up your system. Other dangers include dirt or other foreign particles contaminating the components of the system and even the buildup of harmful grease in some situations. You should inspect all areas of the POS system for the presence of these factors and clean affected sections at least twice per year or establish a regular schedule.

Proper Use by Staff Members

Like all computer devices, EPoS software and hardware is designed to be used in a specific way and are more prone to malfunctioning and breaking down when used improperly. Since your staff members will be spending significant hands-on time with your system, it’s best to invest in substantial training programs to ensure that they are following correct procedures. Your employees use the EPoS system more than anyone, so they are the first line of defence when it comes to prolonging the life of the system and protecting your assets.

EPoS Software Maintenance – Expert Assistance

It’s helpful to have a partner when it comes to safeguarding your valuable equipment. Prevention is the best cure, so work with experts who can protect your business from costly downtime due to EPoS malfunction.

If your EPoS software or equipment takes more of a beating than you can keep up with, please notify our customer service helpline (01992 574650), where we can then assess the fault over the phone. We facilitate maintenance support for EPOS hardware and software; offering both on-site or depot repair service to keep your Point-of-Sale equipment humming along.