EPOS Software – Technology Trends in Hospitality

EPOS Software – Technology Trends in Hospitality. 2016 was a fascinating year internationally for the hospitality industry. There was major growth in restaurant chains all over the globe. Including both global businesses and local chain restaurants. The United Kingdom, for instance, had sixteen new concept restaurants launched every week; according to market researchers CGA Peach. Therefore, showing that the general public definitely has the desire to eat out. What is important to note is how restaurateurs will benefit from this opportunity.

EPOS Software Development

EPOS capabilities will likely develop throughout 2017 to allow customers to more easily order and pay for goods. The requirement for this being underpinned by EPOS software becoming the central hub through which ordering systems and transactions are made.

Restaurateurs need to consider the flexibility of their system and its architecture. To ensure that it has the flexibility to adapt and incorporate future, cloud-based developments. To easily evolve the technology set and most importantly keep pace with changing consumer behaviour. Alongside unique on-screen customisation, CES Touch has the capability for different custom software modules to be used; tailored for your business. As we are not tied to specific hardware, we can boast plug and play for a wide range of peripherals that work well with almost any brand of hardware that you prefer.

Remote Systems

There has been a significant increase in the ability for customers to network, order and make a transaction with a restaurant through a range of remote platforms. ResDiary being an example of a booking platform and table management system. That is comprehensive and easy to use for both hospitality businesses and their guests.

New platforms

Digital transformation is going to continue at pace in 2017. Coupled with continuing evolution of different channels for consumers to order food. As a result, online ordering and order ahead increasing in popularity – with restaurants investing heavily in online ordering applications, mobile consumer engagement, and more sophisticated kitchen management systems to manage peaks in orders.

Big Data

Potentially not a new trend, but the way we use data is going to continue to evolve in 2017 and play a greater role in marketing initiatives. In addition to this, using data for different purposes and in different ways is definitely going to drive marketing initiatives as part of a long-term trend. With CES Touch cloud-based intelligence, you can make inventory changes, see the business performance by running a variety of reports, and monitor employee activity from anywhere in the world, at any time.