CES Touch being used on tills

Find out More About CES Touch

When you are updating or investing in an EPOS system, you should know more about the product. At CES Software, we provide a bespoke EPOS software, CES Touch, which is a market leader in point of sale applications.

CES Touch was first released over 20 years ago in 1997, and in the years since it has evolved and adapted, offering a wide range of modules that help you run your business with ease. The software is suited for any environment and industry as it is all-in-one. CES Touch allows for remote access so that you can stay in control of your business and transaction from any location. The remote access also allows you to supervise individual users.

At CES Software, we can also help you set up the software to ensure ease of use with the screen designer and provide basic training on using the system for reports, which can be done in real time. Read on to find out about the key features available with CES Touch software.

Bookings and Reservation

If your business requires customers to make bookings or reservations, CES Touch allows you to easily enter client details and apply functions such as split bills.

Third Party Integration

CES Touch offers you links to industry standard applications that emphasise the all-in-one system. This includes features such as loyalty schemes, chip and PIN and hotel links.

Business Analytics

Using cloud-based software, you can make inventory reports and changes, see the business performance and monitor employee activity from any location at any time.


As CES Touch is not tied to specific hardware, we can plug and play for a wide range of peripherals that work with any hardware that you prefer.

Ultimate Customisation

The unique on-screen customisation that CES Touch offers means you can use it in a way best suited to you, engineering the ease of use. The software also has the capability for different modules to be used so you can customise the software for your particular business.

Quick Service

CES Touch caters to a variety of industries, and one that requires quick service is pubs, bars and clubs. The multiscreen system means you can automatically keep transactions up to date and allow your customers to receive quick service with no issues with point of sale.

Accurate Orders

A good EPOS system will help reduce human error, and CES Touch can improve the accuracy of orders in restaurants and takeaways. Touch will communicate with kitchen printers, which keeps errors to a minimum and customer satisfaction high.

Get in touch with CES Software to see how CES Touch can transform your business today, and take a look at other posts on our blog for more information about EPOS.