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Five Ways EPOS Software Improves Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a business and an efficient hospitality POS system is a simple and reliable way in creating great customer experiences. POS software provides businesses with knowledge on customers to they offer the best service possible. Read on to see what six techniques you can implement to improve your customer service:

Speedy Transactions for Busy People

No-one has the time or patience for long queues and long waiting lines can even put people off a purchase. Having reliable EPOS software will reduce the waiting time customer have to deal with, and can also eliminate possible human errors, which are often the cause of waits in queues. Mobile EPOS systems can also reduce the length of queues, allowing people to pay quickly.

Different Payment Options

While small businesses have understandable concerns about card processing fees, it is beneficial to be flexible about the payment options you have. Fewer people handle only cash now, finding cards or contactless payments to be quicker. Accepting cash, credit and debit cards, contactless and gift cards will make your business open to more customers and encourage them to return again due to the efficiency of your service.

Build Relationships

Good customer service has humble beginnings in a smile or greeting, but that can be easily forgotten by busy staff. Quality EPOS systems can give employees more time to acknowledge customers so they are not fiddling with a faulty receipt printer or counting out lots of change. Staff can converse with customers, creating a friendly atmosphere and building a relationship which could potentially turn into a returning customer.

Customer Information

Nowadays, knowing what your customer likes and needs can help you to improve customer service and obtaining information helps. Offering the option of a loyalty card, email receipt or signing up for a newsletter means the business will have data to create email campaigns which inform customers of promotions, discounts and exclusive offers that might interest them.

What the Customer Wants

The main goal for customer service is giving them what they want, and a good EPOS system can help. Your EPOS software can do quick stock inventory, so you know if a customers preferred item is available. Cloud based systems also allow you to run reports from a computer that show the top selling items, so you can display them front and centre to attract customers attention.

Customer Feedback

You can use EPOS software to offer customers a chance to give feedback. Good and bad feedback is a positive thing, as you can learn from any bad points, and build upon what people enjoyed about your business and the service you provided. Feedback can be wide ranging too, from how staff interacted with them, the product available and the appearance of your store.

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