Person using Apple Pay for their coffee

What You Need to Know About Apple Pay

Small businesses need a payment system that is quick, simple and secure, which is why technology such as Apple Pay should be considered. It ticks all the boxes, and before long, customers will be expecting to use it. Customers who already use Apple Pay have readily accepted and prefer it to other methods of payment.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has been around for a few years now, and it is a type of contactless payment that uses near-field communication. It enables two devices, such as smartphone and card reader to communicate. It is available on the majority of iPhones and Apple Watch.

In a basic way, Apple Pay is a mobile wallet. Customers can pay for items using their iPhone when they have the software set up on their phone, and they can also use Apple Pay when buying through apps or online.

Apple Pay for Merchants

For small businesses and merchants, Apple Pay gives customers an easy and private way to pay in your store and on any apps you have. Accepting Apple pay has shown to be faster than credit or debit card transactions, and eliminates the need for customers to search their purse for the right card. Apple Pay is also more secure than traditional card payments, as it requires the customers iPhone Face ID, Touch ID or passcode.

How Do I Start Accepting It?

Accepting Apple Pay depends on your country or region, but it usually works with Visa, Mastercard and American Express networks, among others, and most card issuers.

To accept Apple Pay in your physical business, you need a contactless point of sale terminal, such as a card reader, that operates as a near field communicator. If you have a contactless POS terminal and accept the networks mentioned above, you can take Apple Pay without making any changes. There are no additional charges to accept it as payment either. Apple Pay transactions are treated like any other card payments, with the same liability rules applying.

Letting Customers Know

Customers won’t pay with Apple Pay if they don’t know it is available to them. An easy way around this is displaying the mark to use at point of sale areas around your store and on websites and social media platforms; this is a quick way of alerting customers to the Apple Pay option without them needing to ask.

Training Your Staff

If your business is to accept Apple Pay, it is best that you and your staff know how to use it and are comfortable with it, should any problems arise. You can find help online, or ask your merchant terminal provider for tips. If you and your staff have used EPOS systems previously, Apple Pay should come naturally!

Quick Steps for Accepting Apple Pay:

This quick guide applies to businesses who are not already equipped for taking contactless card payments:

  1. Get a near field communication terminal that accepts contactless payments.
  2. Set up the reader, making sure it is compatible with the EPOS software that you use.
  3. To accept payments, have customers hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the terminal.

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