EPoS Software

How Regular EPoS Maintenance Is Beneficial for Your Business

We tend to not think of fixing problems until something is broken, but when it comes to a valuable business asset like an EPoS system, the point where something goes wrong is too late. If the hardware or software goes down, it can lead to a loss of sales, profits and productivity; which can damage your entire business.

Much in the way a car goes for an MOT, conducting maintenance on your EPoS system is a proactive way to ensure everything is in good working order. By giving your system, a full going over at regular intervals can help to identify any potential problems before they escalate into something which does real damage, helping to keep the system performing at its optimum.

Businesses invest in EPoS software and hardware to streamline sales, improve customer service and automate financial and stock control. As it plays an important role in the day-to-day running of a business, upkeep is very important.

Here are five reasons why you should maintain your EPoS system to protect your investment:

Improve Performance

No system performs at an optimum level of performance from the moment it is plugged in, with faults and glitches developing over time, which can impact the service that you deliver.

Performing regular maintenance can help to keep your system as close to its ‘brand new’ state as possible, which helps to prevent downtime and therefore maintain the levels of service for longer.

Extend Lifespan

The more regularly you get your system checked and serviced, the longer it will last. In the long term, this will help to reduce expenditure as equipment will not need to be replaced so often.

Prepare for Peak Periods

Business will have periods of peak activity throughout the year. Whether that is during the summer holidays for the tourism sector or retailers at Christmas, for example, it is key that your business maximises turnover during these periods to offset the quieter times.

A system failure is an issue at any time of the year but can be particularly damaging during peak times, so assessing your system and getting it serviced before these important weeks and months is a good way to ensure it is working at its very best.

Improve Efficiency

With a digital system like EPoS, it is key that you keep on top of software updates to keep your system running at its best. It is important to remember that these updated elements in the network will need to be configured, so they work with the rest of the system correctly, otherwise, you may find that they will slow everything down.

Maintain Profitability 

A business will only run equipment for its own sake; it is there to enable the business to function, and in doing so, make money. Conducting system maintenance can, therefore, be viewed as protecting profits, particularly when it comes to an EPoS system. Sales cannot be made during downtime, which has a knock-on effect to other areas of the business, such as damaging customer service and people’s opinions of the business.