Electric point of sale till systems

Why Retail Businesses Should Use EPOS

If you have a retail business that conducts sales, you have probably considered investing in getting point of sale software for small business and the required hardware to go with it. The recent rise of electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems has set a new standard for companies and sale transactions, making it easier for staff and customers. If you are still on the fence about investing in EPOS, here are a few reasons why you should get an upgrade:

Accept More Payment Methods

Not everyone carries cash these days, relying on card or mobile payments when out and about, and an EPOS system means your business won’t be turning customers away because you can’t accept their payment. The ability to receive more payment methods translates into more sales.

Store Loyalty Cards

Your EPOS can be set up so you can offer and accept loyalty and gift cards for your business. If your business has a loyalty card, it increases the chance of return business and even referrals as people feel more obligated to shop with you to gain points or use a gift card.

Inventory Management

Inventory management can be time-consuming, and EPOS can help you with updating your stock in real time and can also help you organise what items are popular for restocking. Find out how you can optimise the inventory management on your EPOS system here.

Accurate Accounting

With your detailed inventory and receipt tracking built into the system, your EPOS software allows for better accuracy in accounting. The data you gather from tracking inventory and sales will enable you to spot mistakes and gives you a chance for improvement.

Improve Sales Targets

A sentinel EPOS system means you can set sales targets and objectives for your business and staff, allowing you to track individual performance. This means you can identify weak links on the team, so you know where you need to improve and boost your overall sales.

Flexible Reports

Getting frequent, up-to-date and accurate sales reports is good for impressing associates, partners or investors in your business. A quality EPOS system can offer reports by the hour, day, week, month and year to give you a better appreciation of the business’s progress. You can also customise the report if you need to look at a certain time or product.

Easy to Use

You might be put off EPOS software if you are used to the simplicity of traditional point of sale systems, but touchscreen EPOS systems are easy to use and take little training. You can even access the system remotely if you have a cloud-based EPOS system.

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