Why Retail POS Is Not an Alternative to Restaurant POS Systems

It wasn’t all that long ago that having a restaurant POS system was seen as a luxury, rather than a necessity. Point of sale systems have developed so much over those years, but there are still restaurant owners who have an advanced setup but do not utilise it.

In fact, there are many owners who feel that a standard retail POS system is sufficient and appropriate for their restaurant. While the core functionality is the same in both systems, each set up is designed around the specific needs of the establishment. In other words, if you are a restaurant owner who is not using restaurant EPoS software on your system, you are missing out on some very important features.

We have looked at some important differences between a regular retail set up and one specifically for a restaurant:

Detailed Inventory

Food in quantity is much harder to track than an item of clothing, so a certain amount of fluidity is required from a restaurant point of sale system. Whereas specialised systems can be set up to include custom cooking times, half orders, special dietary requirements etc., a retail system is not.

If a restaurant is using a standard retail POS, you will often find that staff are spending a lot more time adjusting orders and finding ways to work around the failings of the system rather than dealing with customers, which will lead to a bad customer experience.

Itemised Bills

A retail system can track items in an order, but once a sale is made, it is considered to be closed. However, a restaurant tab operates differently and with more freedom. It can allow customers to modify the ingredients in an order, add items during the meal and even create loyalty accounts.

When it comes to closing the bill, it also allows the splitting of costs, so everyone can pay for their individual meals and drinks; something which is seen as very important in today’s day and age.

Customisable Features

As discussed in the first two sections, the needs of a restaurant are much more specific than retail. Ultimately in a retail store, in stock means in stock, but every item in a restaurant needs to be able to be modified should a customer request so.

Restaurant POS systems are designed around the fact that customer needs are ever-changing, as are those of staff behind the scenes. Modern POS systems can add features and apps – such as handling reviews, promotions, etc. – which further add to the levels of specificity and allowing the system to be perfectly tailored to the needs of the business.

Choosing a POS system is always a better option than not having a platform on which to manage your business, but be sure to choose one for the needs of your business. Our software can be customised to fulfil your individual business needs, so please Contact Us for more information.