cyber security image for EPOS software

An Essential Guide to Securing Your EPOS System

High-profile cyber attacks in the recent past have brought the security of retail EPOS systems into the spotlight. A POS attack is likely to have an effect on customer allegiance, brand status and profits. The enormous volumes of private and monetary data stored in an EPOS system make it a profitable target for cybercriminals. Approximately 60% of transactions at EPOS systems are paid by means of electronic cards and market-leading retailers process hundreds of financial transactions every day via POS systems. Therefore, it is incredibly important that all retailers understand cyber attacks and how to take steps to counteract it.

Here’s a guide to understanding more about the how’s and why’s:

How does an EPOS cyber attack occur?

Firstly a customer service agent swipes a client’s electronic card. Then the EPOS software analyses a magnetic stripe built into the card and processes the account data with the client’s bank details for authorisation of the transaction. To take the client’s transaction data, cybercriminals will contaminate the EPOS system using software (malware). The cybercriminal can then gain the information needed to “clone” electronic cards. Once malware has been introduced into a POS system, it begins to capture card data as it passes through the system. Consequently, this allows them to sell the information or use it themselves. One method of installing malware onto an EPOS system is via a remote computer. The cybercriminal may try to connect to the POS device through a remote contact point or online mainframe.

Why do these attacks continue to happen and how can they be stopped?

It is typical for retailers to have extensively dispersed networks and numerous remote locations, in addition to online websites; providing many potential points of vulnerability.

The best way to stop attacks is for all business parties and personnel to be extremely vigilant at all times. Maintaining contact with IT personnel to quickly identify suspicious behaviour at the same time as transactions are occurring will decrease the possibility of cybercriminals succeeding in the theft of credit and debit card data.

EPOS System Technical Support

If you are a customer of ours, we offer a dedicated technical support team to assist our clients. Our technical staff are very knowledgeable in all EPOS System issues and pride themselves on delivering a friendly and professional experience.

The technical team is responsible for till configuration, customisation and user training. As part of your support agreement, user training, walk-throughs and workshops can be provided for your convenience. We see it as vital to have a response plan in place so that IT teams can help an organisation respond effectively and take the steps necessary to mitigate the effects of a successful POS attack. Our technical support team handles all critical support issues.

If the issue cannot be resolved we will swap out your system on the next working day. This is part of the support agreement and is there to offer peace-of-mind when using your till to minimise revenue loss.