A bar that utilises point of sale software.

Six Tips from Retail that Pubs Need to Utilise

According to experts, pubs need to look at how the retail sector is using technology to improve footfall and sales and utilise the same approach for their own gain.

There are several areas where pub and bar operators can adopt the latest advancements in sales and stock management to help improve trade; why not take a look at these six tips and see how our pub and bar point of sale software can benefit your business?


Having an integrated EPoS system can help operators manage prices and margins more effectively. This can enable prices to be changed according to the time of day, such as lunchtime and evening menus, for example.

It also ensures that operators need only enter a dish into the system once for it to become integrated into the system, meaning that dish items will be correctly costed during specific time periods, maximising margins.

Real-time Reports

EPoS systems are capable of running real-time reports, which gives management the correct information at the right time, wherever they may be. Licensees can access instant performance reports for individual or multiple sites, depending on requirements.


According to research from CBE Software, British retailers lose £1.4 billion due to busy checkouts, as customers don’t want to wait and the sale is lost. Having an integrated EPoS set up that merges card payments with the rest of the system means that they can easily cope with peak periods, so pubs and bars should look to utilise this within their business.

Having this system helps to speed up service as the front of house staff don’t need to switch processes to handle transactions when serving, which also increases customer satisfaction.


Correct management of stock is crucial in the hospitality industry, with around 70% of all shrinkage from bars and pubs coming as a result of poor stock management or direct pilferage. Checking this is crucial for multiple operators where management is unable to physically oversee all locations at the same time.

Self Service

Self-service tills are widespread across the retail sector, and love them or loath them, it has been proven that they increase turnover and reduce waiting times.

Pubs and bars should look to adopt the latest technology, such as tablet-based ordering systems or self-service kiosks to place and pay for food and drink in order to increase footfall and sales.


Customers who use the latest technology in the retail sector will be the same consumers who would like to see similar advances made in pubs and bars. They want and expect to be provided with improvements to their shopping, eating and drinking experiences, so accommodating this is important to keep their custom.

It is important that operators keep ahead and implement new developments to improve the customer experience and further enhance your standing in today’s competitive market. If you would like to learn more about how integrating effective EPoS software into your business can help with this, please contact us today!