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Restaurant EPoS Software

With CES Touch you can effortlessly provide service at the table side with our integrated tablets. These work in conjunction with the master till to keep all transactions concurrent and synced so that accurate reports can be produced. Tablets can also work in offline mode so that in any scenario you can keep processing transactions, once the tablet comes back online the transactions will be synced with the main till. Touch has been designed so that it can flawlessly communicate with multiple kitchen printers. This enhances kitchen efficiencies, order accuracy, and helps to keep errors to a minimum while keeping customer satisfaction high. All orders that are processed go through the software which improves inventory management and notifies you when stock is running low. With the addition of table planner, you can set up your restaurant floor plan to visualise your restaurant and open and edit customer charge sheets quickly. There are also many 3rd party links to apps for online bookings, or you could use our on-site booking system to keep your customers satisfied. You can maximise profits with the software’s fast accurate reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These reports can link directly into our enterprise cloud reporting software to allow for a wider range of detailed reports to help keep you on top of your business.

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